Jimmy A. Young Medalists

Jimmy A. Young Medal

The Jimmy A. Young Medal recognizes individuals who have made lasting and sustained contributions to the profession of respiratory care and the AARC. It is the highest honor bestowed by the AARC and in named in honor of AARC President Jimmy A. Young, who died in 1975 after serving the organization for many years.

Year Recipient Year Recipient
1978 James Whitacre, RRT 1999 John R. Walton, MBA RRT FACHE
1979 William F. Miller, MD 2000 Patrick J. Dunne, MEd RRT FAARC
1980 Glen N. Gee, RRT 2001 Richard Sheldon, MD
1981 Barry A. Shapiro, MD 2002 Saverio P. Giordano, MBA RRT FAARC
1982 James A. Liverett, RRT 2003 Thomas L. Petty, MD FAARC
1983 Gareth B. Gish, RRT 2004 Louis M. Sinopoli, EdD RRT FAARC AE-C
1984 Thomas J. DeKornfeld, MD 2005 David J. Pierson, MD FAARC
1985 George A. Kneeland, PhD 2006 Dean R. Hess, PhD RRT FAARC
1986 Brother Roland Maher 2007 Neil R. MacIntyre, MD FAARC
1987 Gilbert Davis, RRT 2008 Robert M. Kacmarek, PhD RRT FAARC
1988 John R. Julius, RRT 2009 Forrest M. Bird, MD PhD ScD FAARC
1988 Louise H. Julius, RRT 2010 Margaret F. Traband, MEd RRT FAARC
1989 Houston R. Anderson, RRT 2011 Richard Branson, MSc RRT FAARC
1990 Vincent D. Kracum, RRT 2012 Bruce K. Rubin, MD MEngr MBA FAARC
1991 David H. Eubanks, EdD RRT 2013 Kerry George, RRT MEd FAARC
1992 Ray Masferrer, RRT 2014 Charles G. Durbin Jr, MD FAARC
1993 H.F. Helmholz, MD 2015 Bill Galvin, MSEd RRT CPFT AE-C FAARC
1994 Robert R. Weilacher, RRT 2016 John D. Hiser, MEd RRT FAARC
1995 Phillip Kittredge, RRT 2017 Robert Chatburn, MHHS RRT-NPS FAARC
1996 Jerome M. Sullivan, RRT 2018 Trudy J. Watson, MA RRT FAARC
1997 Thomas A. Barnes, EdD RRT FAARC 2019 Timothy R. Myers, MBA RRT RRT-NPS FAARC
1998 John J. Marini, MD 2020 Teresa A. Volsko, MBA MHHS RRT CMT-E FAARC
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