Transport Section Resource Directory

The following Transport Section members have volunteered to be at your disposal to answer questions, give advice, and share ideas. Take advantage of this networking opportunity and don't hesitate to call on the expertise represented here.

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Lowell Crawford RRT,NREMT-P

Childrens Medical Center Dallas
Clinical Manager, Transport Services
1035 Motor St.
Dallas, Texas 75235
Office: (214) 456-8619
Fax: (214) 456-6195
CAMTS accredited/issues, dedicated Neonatal and Pediatric transport team, NO administration, HFV, protocol expanded Roles, Flight Physiology, ground and air medical configuration and equipment, Quarterly Realism flight training, Crew resource management, Safety management system program

Dawn Filippa, RRT, NREMT-P
Hartford Hospital
Hartford, CT. 06012
Phone: (860)-545-4369 LS Center
Issues with rotor wing, expanded roles, team development, safety, scene work and IABP transports.

Jerry Focht, RRT
Chief Flight Therapist
Northwest Medstar
P.O. Box 2555
Spokane, WA 99220
(800) 572-3210 x 2
FAX: (509) 455-4734
Ventilators, Equipment, On-board O2, Expanded Roles, Flight Physiology, Team Development, IABP Transport, HFV/HFO Transport, Ground Transport, Rotor Wing Issues, Fixed Wing Issues, Neonatal Transport, Pediatric Transport, Adult Transport, Scene

Micheal Gibbons, BS, RRT, NPS
NICU Clinical Specialist
Respiratory Care Department
UCLA Med. Ctr.
10833 Leconte Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
928-533-0065 (cell)
928-775-7177 (fax)
Ventilators, Equipment, On-board O2, Team Development, Ground Transport, Rotor Wing Issues, Fixed Wing Issues, Neonatal Transport, Adult Transport

Bradley A. Kuch BS, RRT-NPS
Critical Care Transport Team
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
3705 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Work Phone: (412) 692-5164
Equipment, ventilators, research, Neonatal/Pediatric transport

Brenda Lancaster, RCP
Shriners Burn Institute
3229 Burnet Avenue
Cinncinnati, OH 45229
(513) 872-6000
Ventilators, Equipment, Ground Transport, Fixed Wing Issues, Pediatric Transport

Bryan Limer, BS, RRT
Safety Officer
Children’s Mercy Critical Care Transport
Kansas City, MO.
Dispatch 1-800-GOMERCY
Office (816) 234-3166
Fax (816) 346-1380
Neo/peds issues, nitric, HFV, specialty gases, airway techniques or safety questions

David Lucero RRT/BS
Clinical Coordinator / Transport Care
Memorial Hospital
1400 E. Boulder St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Fax: 719-365-2931
transport ventilators, transport equipment, on board oxygen systems, expanded roles, flight physiology, team development, HFV/HFO transports, ground transport, rotor wing issues, fixed wing issues, neonatal transport, pediatric transport, adult transport

Ben Nelson, CRT,LRT, EMTP
Lead Flight Respiratory Therapist
AirMed International
1000 Urban Center Dr. Suite 470
Birmingham AL 35242
International Transports and affairs, On Board Liquid oxygen, Fixed wing issues, design and configuration,Team configuration, Expanded Roles, HROB/N/P/A transports, Isolette issues.

George Phillips RRT-NPS, MSA
Resuscitation Education Coordinator
Childrens Hospital of The King’s Daughters
601 Childrens Lane
Norfolk, Virginia 23507
757-668-7657 (O)
757-923-3852 (H)
Ventilators, Equipment, Expanded Roles, Team Development, Ground Transport, Neonatal Transport, Pediatric Transport

Scott Prater RRT, NPS, NREMT-P
Flight Therapist
MedCenter Air
P.O. Box 32861
Charlotte, NC 28232
PH# 704-355-4182
Ventilators, Equipment, On-board O2, Expanded Roles, Flight Physiology, Team Development, IABP Transport, RW/FW/G issues, Adult & Pediatric Transport, Scene Responses.

Steven Sittig RRT-NPS
Pediatric Flight Therapist
Mayo Medical Transport
AL G-403
200 SW 1st St
Rochester, MN 55905
Phone 1-507-255-5695
Ventilators, Equipment, Expanded roles, Flight Physiology, Nitric Transport, RW/FW/ Ground issues.

Wes E. Ware, BS, RRT-NPS, EMT
Angel One Transport
Arkansas Children’s Hospital
800 Marshall Street
Little Rock, AR 72202
Work: (501) 364-6429
Cell: (501-766-0643
Fax: (501) 364-6431
DOT/FAA regulations, Specialty Gases, Helicopter Design, Neonatal, Transport, Pediatric Transport, ECMO Transport, HROB Transport, Ground Transport, Ventilators, Equipment

Francine Westergaard
Transport Coordinator
Hope Children’s Hospital
4440 W 95th Street
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
(708) 346-3014
FAX: (708) 346-2002
Ventilators, Equipment, On-board O2, Expanded Roles, Team Development, HFV/HFO Transport, Ground Transport, Neonatal Transport, Pediatric Transport

If you would like to be added to this list please contact the current section chair, Dawn Filippa at