About the Respiratory Diagnostics Section Chair

Katrina M. Hynes, RRT, RPFT


Katrina M. Hynes, RRT, RPFT

Katrina Hynes is a supervisor of the Mayo Clinic Pulmonary Function Laboratory in Rochester, MN, managing the Special Pulmonary Evaluation Laboratory.  She serves as an adjunct faculty member for the University of Minnesota Rochester-Mayo School of Health Sciences, Respiratory Care Therapy Program and NIOSH Spirometry course faculty member. She is a co-author of Chapter 5, Pulmonary Function Testing and Bedside Pulmonary Mechanics, Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care, 4th edition, by Brian Walsh. In addition, she is the author of Chapter 8, Pediatric Pulmonary Function Testing and co-author of Chapter 10, Specialized Test Regimens, Ruppel’s Manual of Pulmonary Function Testing, 11th edition, by C.D. Mottram (pending publication).  She has presented at numerous scientific and professional meetings on topics related to pulmonary diagnostics. Mrs. Hynes is enrolled in the Executive Masters of Healthcare Administration program through the University of Minnesota with an expected graduation date of January 2016.

Previous Chairs

Year Chair
2012–2014 Matthew O’Brien, BA, RRT, RPFT
2010–2011 Michael Tracy, BA, RRT-NPS, RPFT
2005–2010 Melynn K. Wakeman, BS, RRT, RPFT, RPSGT
2000–2005 Catherine Foss, BS, RRT, RPFT
1998–1999 Carl Mottram, RRT, RPFT
1996–1997 Susan Blonshine, BS, RRT, RPFT
1994–1995 Robert A. Brown, BS, RRT, RPFT
1992–1993 Rick J. Martineau, BS, RRT, RCPT, RPFT
1990–1991 Michael T. Kochansky, CRTT, RCPT, RPFT
1988–1989 Richard J. Martineau, BS, RRT, RCPT
1985–1987 Frits E.C. Goudberg, RRT
1984 Richard W. Beckham, MEd, RRT—Acting Chair
1983 Unavailable
1982 Donald Crist, RRT, RCPT
1981 David M. Hoover, RRT, RCPT
1980 Nick S. Haning, RRT, RpuT
1979 Terry J. Kirch, CCP, RRT
1978 William T. Cecil, RRT