Travel Grant Request

  1. Purpose of the fund:
    The purpose of the fund is to assist affiliates in paying for the travel expenses of AARC officers or executive office staff invited to affiliate meetings to speak about AARC issues. A grant will not be issued which duplicates funding provided by another sponsor or sponsors.
  2. Authority:
    1. The AARC President must approve all grants.
    2. The AARC Executive Director must approve any executive office staff travel.
    3. A grant will only be approved for one (1) AARC sponsored speaker to attend one meeting for that state affiliate annually.
    4. All grants must be approved at least 30 days prior to the event.
    5. AARC-sponsored speakers cannot receive an honorarium for their talks.
  3. Grant request procedure:
    1. The Affiliate President completes the online grant request.
    2. The AARC President sends the approved request to the AARC executive office. The grant will generally be a percentage of expenses up to a maximum dollar amount. (typically, but not always, 50% of expense up to $750).
    3. The AARC executive office will advise the Affiliate President of the approved grant.
    4. The affiliate should acknowledge that it is receiving support from the AARC in its printed materials.
  4. Responsibility for expenses.
    1. The affiliate will be responsible for paying all travel expenses.
      1. Airfare: The preference is for the affiliate to arrange and pay for airfare directly. In some cases, the AARC can make flight arrangements, and bill the affiliate.
      2. Ground Transportation:The affiliate must provide any necessary transportation between the airport, hotel, and meeting site, and is responsible for the cost of airport transportation or parking in the officer’s or staff member’s hometown.
      3. Hotel: The affiliate must provide the hotel room and taxes.
      4. Per Diem: AARC officers and staff are entitled to $50 per day to cover meals and incidentals.
    2. Any expenses paid by the AARC will be reconciled and deducted from the grant. Any money owed to the AARC should be paid within 60 days of conference completion.
  5. Payment of the grant:
    Copies of affiliate paid invoices should be submitted via the AARC executive office to reconcile grant costs.

Chartered Affiliate Travel Grant Form

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