Membership Dashboards

Membership is at the heart of our association. It is how we build our community, network, advocate and continue our mission. Recruiting and retaining members is vital and there are different approaches to take. Below are three snapshots of membership in the Association and in your affiliate. Use these dashboards to discuss and make plans to develop membership in your affiliate.

Please note these are dashboards using sample data. This is not real-time data, although it will be updated on a regular basis.


AARC bylaws identify three membership groups: Active, Associate and Special members. Using the dashboard below will enable officers to see how these three groups make up the whole association and their specific state society.

Active Membership per Bylaws by State Society

Societies are competitive! This type of dashboard will allow officers to compare their society against the rest.

Specialty Sections

AARC members who are also members of one or more Specialty Section are shown to be more engaged, connected and more likely to renew before their AARC membership lapses. Using this kind of data can help officers identify areas of interest among their membership and pathways for increased engagement at the affiliate level.

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