The Value of Membership: Get Your Continuing Education Here

 Updated: April 20, 2017

What does AARC do for you?moneychalkboard

If that’s a question you find yourself asking from to time, we’ve got plenty of answers for you – starting with the continuing education benefit you get. And here’s the great thing: you can count it in dollars and cents.

#WhyImAnAARCMember [blue]An average number of CRCE credits needed per year by a respiratory therapist is about 10. If one were to consider that it costs about $10 per credit hour, a respiratory therapist is looking at about $100 per year to support their need for continuing education.

For AARC members, the cost of all that CRCE could be $0! Why? Because all members have immediate access to dozens of CRCE credits for free. Consider this:

  • 20 – Traditional (live) CRCE credits for members = $0
  • 21 – Non-traditional CRCE credits for members = $0
  • 12 – CRCE Through the Journal credits = $0

Additionally there are numerous low-cost ($7.50 per member) archived webcasts you can access. AARC members pay only $75 for 10 credits vs. the $150 non-members would pay.

Plus, you’re hearing the top speakers in the country on these topics – textbook authors, RESPIRATORY CARE journal authors, AARC Congress lecturers, top researchers – all brought to you by AARC.

Next time you find yourself wondering what AARC does for you, think about one of the greatest needs you have to support your career – continuing education – and how the AARC helps you every step of the way.