AARC Student Membership Benefits

Any respiratory care student enrolled in an AARC recognized or accredited educational program is eligible for Student Membership. AARC Student Membership benefits include subscriptions to Respiratory Care and AARC Times, and much more:

NBRC Discount

All AARC members get a one-time $40 discount on an NBRC exam.

Early Renewal Discount

As an AARC student member, you are required to provide us your graduation date. Once you graduate, we change your membership type from “Student” to “Active”, so you can begin earning CRCE—continuing education—credits. Active members pay more for membership, but we like to give our student members a chance to get the first year or two of Active membership at a discount. How much you save depends on how quickly you act!

  • Renew your membership between 91 days and 180 days before graduation:
    Save over $100 for 2 years of Active AARC membership
  • Renew your membership between 90 days before graduation and 30 days after graduation:
    Save $88 for 2 years of Active AARC membership
  • Renew your membership between 31 days and 150 days after graduation:
    Save $19 for 1 year of Active AARC membership

Plan and save! Eligible AARC student members will receive email notifications of the early renewal discount offers beginning 6 months before their graduation dates. If you miss the notice or have questions, please call Customer Service at 972-243-2272.

Take advantage of an early renewal discount and the NBRC discount, and your AARC membership pays for itself!


The American Respiratory Care Foundation (ARCF) is the arm of the AARC that supports projects and charitable endeavors to advance the profession. Please visit the ARCF’s website’s Awards Section to learn more about their Undergraduate Awards, Postgraduate Student Awards, Research Fellowships/Abstract Awards, Research Awards and other awards.