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Current Chair

Billy L. Hutchison, BA, RRT-NPS, Chair

HutchisonBilly has been a member of the AARC since 1998. He believes that transport therapists provide an important role in disaster relief due to their skills and flexibility in adapting to situations.

Hutchison has a passion for international aid. He has assisted in Haiti following the devastating earthquake a total of three different times. He presented a lecture on the role of a respiratory therapist in responding to an international disaster detailing his Haiti experience. He also assisted in Peru following one of their crippling earthquakes. He taught neonatal transport and mechanical ventilation to several hospitals in Lima, Peru and the surrounding area hospitals. His experience is not limited to international disasters either as he has assisted in evacuations for Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike as a transport logistics coordinator at Texas Children's.

Hutchison has coauthored articles on neonatal transport and lectured at numerous respiratory schools on the many roles of the respiratory therapist with emphasis on transport. He has also presented at numerous Air Medical Transport Conferences.

Currently, Billy is working for CareFusion as a Clinical Specialist for he Western U.S. specializing with transport teams. Earlier in his career he assisted in starting up the Texas Children's Hospital Kangaroo Crew transport team in 1998. He has served as Safety Officer and Senior Transport Therapist for 13 years.

Previous Chairs



2010 to 2011

Steven E. Sittig, RRT-NPS, C-NPT, FAARC

2006 to 2009

Dawn Filippa, RRT, EMT-P

2003 to 2006

Steven E. Sittig, RRT, P/P Specialist



2000 to 2001

Jerry A. Focht, RRT

1998 to 1999

Kathleen S. Adams, RRT

1996 to 1997

Kay Lockhart, RRT

1994 to 1995

Jamie Lynn Taylor, RRT

1992 to 1993

Cathy Peterson, AS, RRT

1990 to 1991

Mark A. Washam, RRT, CPFT


Richard A. Bodenstedt, RRT