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Neonatal-Pediatrics Specialty Section Swap Shop Submission Guidelines

  1. Material submitted to the swap shop should be generic in nature allowing the end users the ability to use the information with little or no editing.
  2. Forms, checklist, and data that are submitted as “management tools” should include adequate information/instructions, so that the end user can easily apply the tool in their own facility.
  3. Any material submitted must meet clinical practice guidelines or be evidence based reflecting standards and methods that are well supported.
  4. Material that references any publication, should include a bibliography so the evidence-based source can be obtained.
  5. Material that references another policy and or procedure must have that policy and or procedure included.
  6. Generic terms such as assessment must be well defined and elements in the assessment must be included in the submission.
  7. When using the term within normal limits, as tolerated, per criteria, etc, these terms must be clearly defined.
  8. Submissions to the Swap Shop must meet these criteria; in addition they should contribute a unique value to the Respiratory Care Community as determined by the Submission Review Board.

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