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Neonatal-Pediatrics Specialty Section Swap Shop

Welcome to the Swap Shop, a feature of the Neonatal-Pediatrics Section that lets members exchange policies, protocols, etc. The files are available in Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel or Word compatible format, Rich Text Format (.rtf) or Adobe's Portable Document Format (.pdf). To view submissions, you must have software installed and properly configured on your PC that can read these formats. Word processors such as Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect can read and write .rtf files. Adobe's free Acrobat Reader can read .pdf files.

How to Submit a File
The Swap Shop is a repository of high quality management tools that have undergone peer review. Please review these rules before submitting material for consideration. To submit a file for review and possible posting on this page, send an e-mail to Brian Walsh, with your Name, Address, Telephone number, Fax number, and the document you are submitting (preferably in .rtf or .pdf format) as an attachment. Also provide a brief, explanatory title and a sentence or two that explains its purpose. By submitting a document, you grant the right to have the document duplicated in whole or part.

How to Download a File
Browse the document titles in the following catagories. Click on a title to download it to your PC. The AARC does not endorse or verify the accuracy of any of the information contained in these files and merely offers this service as an opportunity for our members to exchange ideas.

Word Format Bronchiolitis Guideline
This bronchiolitis protocol is in use at Presbyterian Hospital in Plano, building on a guideline from John Salyer.
Word document submitted by Richard Hoskins.
Word Format The PHP Bronchiolitis Clinical Practice Guideline—2007
Word document submitted by Richard Hoskins.