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Gerilynn Connors, BS, RRT
Gerilynn is currently the Clinical Manager of Pulmonary Rehabilitation at the Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, VA. She received her BS in Respiratory Therapy from Loma Linda University and has been a member of the AARC since 1977 serving on numerous committees. A prolific writer, Conners has had many of her papers and articles published in well respected journals. She has a passion for pulmonary rehabilitation. Her goal is to make pulmonary rehab a standard of care for patients fighting chronic lung disease.

Previous Chairs



2007 to 2012 Debra M. Koehl, MS, RRT, AE-C
2003 to 2006 Cheri Duncan, RRT

2001 to 2003

Mary K. Hart, RRT

1999 to 2000

Trina M. Limberg, BS, RRT

1997 to 1998

Julien M. Roy, BA, RRT

1995 to 1996

Gretchen Lawrence, BA, RRT

1993 to 1994

Cathi Muselman, CRTT

1991 to 1992

Lana R. Hilling, CRTT

1989 to 1990

Laura J. Reisman Beytas, BSPH, RRT

1987 to 1988

James M. Maguire, PhD, CRTT

1985 to 1986

Jerry A. O'Ryan, BS, RRT


James M. Maguire, PhD, CRTT




James M. Maguire, MEd, CRTT

1979 to 1981

Marion T. Leone, RN


Donna Lee Frownfelter, BA, RPT, RRT