Uniform Reporting Manual

Uniform Reporting Manual

The AARC revised its Uniform Reporting Manual to the 5th edition in 2012. Time standards for procedures and activities based on relative value units (RVUs) are the foundation of all accurate productivity systems that evaluate the efficiency of delivering respiratory therapy services.

Now and in the future, hospital administrators will continue to focus on reducing operational cost in respiratory care. Because typically 70% or more of expenses are labor, managers must have both skills to manage labor resources and tools that clearly identify the need and demand for services. Productivity management is essential to insure adequate numbers of qualified respiratory therapists are assigned based on patient need, and justify staffing levels when faced with challenges to reduce expenses.

Accurate time standards are the foundation of a productivity system based on relative value units (RVU’s). The information in these 4 documents can help managers develop or refine time standards for the services they provide.

The AARC is providing these complimentary resources to encourage managers who have not developed time standards for their services to do so. Those with time standards are encouraged to selectively evaluate the need for updating them and to use these resources to do so.

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