The COPD ToolKit


In response to the demand of home-based care and reducing COPD readmissions, the AARC has partnered with Cambium Technologies to offer the COPD ToolKit designed to help patients and their caregivers develop the competence and confidence in managing COPD and decrease costly trips to the hospital.

The COPD ToolKit is an in-home respiratory therapy program that individuals and families can use to get educated and engaged in managing COPD. ToolKits are available in 2 formats:

COPD ToolKit—Classic
Includes a COPD Toolkit guide, a DVD, a Rescue Plan and a Daily COPD Record. Designed for users who prefer hard copy materials. The ToolKit is presented in printed chapters, a standard size workbook and DVD housed in a typical sized binder.

COPD ToolKit—COPD Connect Plus
COPD Connect Plus has the same online capabilities as COPD Connect, with the addition of a small scale companion workbook for people who benefit from making notes, documenting plans, recording daily events, and sharing these with family and caregivers.

Each ToolKit is organized to ensure that users receive a comfortable learning experience. Videos provide an engaging, dynamic presentation of the information to maximize user retention, while the printed guides act as a hands-on reference mimicking the information in the DVD videos.

Preview the introduction video from The COPD ToolKit:

Patients Can Create a Rescue Plan and Keep a Daily COPD Record

COPD Toolkit Daily COPD Record

Patients will learn how to react to changes in their symptoms by using the Rescue Plan, which is separated into three zones: Green, Yellow and Red, depending on the severity of the symptoms.

Patients will also use the COPD ToolKit to record their symptoms every day in the Daily COPD Record. They can also use it to write down any notes or concerns they have and share this information with their healthcare provider.

The ToolKit focuses on other key patient challenges that help provide successful self-management:

What is COPD? Defines Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and describes how it affects the lungs.

A Strong Mentality Helps people with COPD develop a positive attitude and feel more in control of their condition.

Influencing My World Provides tips that prepare people with COPD to maintain a steady lifestyle, including ways to save energy and avoid harmful irritants to their lungs.

Keeping My Body Fit Teaches valuable skills to people with COPD, such as breathing techniques, exercises and proper nutrition.

Medications/Medical Devices Explains COPD medications and medical devices, including what they are and how to use them.

COPD ToolKit—Classic
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COPD ToolKit—COPD Connect Plus
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