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Respiratory therapists should be able to understand tobacco addiction, how to effectively evaluate tobacco use, how to assess readiness to change, and how to effectively treat tobacco addiction. Why?

  • 430,000 people die each year from tobacco-related diseases
  • 3,000 children become regular users of tobacco everyday
  • Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death
  • Secondhand smoke is the third leading cause of preventable death
  • Secondhand smoke causes more than 53,000 premature deaths in nonsmokers each year
  • Over 35% of our high school students are currently using tobacco products

We, as respiratory therapists, must take an active role in reducing this epidemic. We specialize in the treatment of tobacco-related disease, now let us specialize in understanding and treating the cause.

Advocacy and Media

  1. AARC Letters of Support
    1. AARC Urges Support for Tobacco Control Legistlation
    2. Smoking Cessation Resource Document
  2. Advocacy Institute
  3. Americans for Non-Smoker’s Rights
  4. American Legacy Foundation: Truth Campaign
  5. Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
  6. Healthy People 2010 Objectives for Tobacco Control
  7. Helping Smokers Quit: State Cessation Coverage
  9. Kick Butts Day
  10. Latest Top Tobacco Headlines
  11. List of Magazines who Refuse to Advertise Tobacco Products
  12. PICS, Inc
  13. Smoking in the Movies
  14. Smoke-Free Grounds
  15. Smoke-Free Hospital Toolkit
  16. Stan Glantz e-mail (no web site)
  17. They’re Rich, You’re Dead
  18. Tobacco BS Daily News
  19. Tobacco Survivors
  20. WHO Framework Convention for Tobacco Control

Articles of Interest

  1. Childhood Exposure to Smoke May Increase Risk of Back Pain Later
  2. E-cigarette Sparks Attention as FDA Crackdown Looms
  3. Economic Burden of Environmental Tobacco Smoke..
  4. NHLBI Study Shows Smoking Cessation Programs Improve Survival
  5. Nicotine is a Neurotoxin
  6. Secondhand Smoke: Evidence Proves Ill Effects
  7. Smoking-cessation programs—Does the 5A program work?
  8. Smoking Interferes with Asthma Drug
  9. Ten Years after settelement
  10. UK Universities Agree Protocol for Tobacco Company Funding
  11. What is the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

CDC Best Practices

  1. State Highlights
  2. State System
  3. Tobacco Control Funding

Education Curricula

  1. The Anatomy of a Cigarette
  2. The BMJ Series on Smoking Cessation
  3. Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training Available
    1. Listing on ATTUD website
    2. University of Massachussetts
  4. Rx for Change
  5. They’re Rich, You're Dead
  6. Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence Guidelines (202kb PowerPoint file)


  1. Core Competencies for Tobacco Treatment Specialist  
  2. Healthy People 2010 Objectives for Tobacco Control
  3. Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence Guidelines

History of Tobacco

  1. The History of Capri Cigarettes
  2. The History of World Tobacco
  3. Tobacco Ads from the 40’s & 50’s
  4. Tobacco Timeline
  5. Tobacco War: Inside the California Battles


  1. Smoke in the Eye

Legislative Action

  1. Florida Tobacco Settlement Agreement
  2. Master Settlement Agreement (46 state agreement)
    1. Participating Manufacturers under settlement
  3. Mississippi Tobacco Settlement Agreement
  4. State Cigarette Taxes
  5. Texas Tobacco Settlement Agreement: Summary of Texas Tobacco Settlement; Texas Tobacco Settlement In Brief
  6. Summary of Attorneys General Master Tobacco Settlement Agreement
  7. The Master Settlement Agreement
  8. The Master Settlement Agreement with the Tobacco Industry and Cigarette Advertising in Magazines
  9. The Master Settlement Agreement Summary

Organizations and Societies Dealing with Tobacco Use

  1. Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)
  2. American Cancer Society (ACS)
  3. American Heart Association (AHA)
  4. American Legacy Foundation
  5. American Lung Association (ALA)
  6. Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence (ATTUD)
  7. Center for Disease Control (CDC) Tobacco Control and Use
  8. Globallink
  9. National African American Tobacco Education Network
  10. Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ)
  11. Smoke Free Government
  12. Society for Nicotine Treatment (SRNT)
  13. Tar Wars
  14. Technical Assistance Legal Center
  15. Tobacco and the Elderly
  16. Tobacco Control Resource Center
  17. Tobacco Freedom
  18. Tobacco Free Initiative
  19. Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium (TTAC)
  20. WHO Tobacco Altas

Pharmacotherapy for the Tobacco User

  1. UPDATED 01 July 2009: FDA—Boxed Warning on Serious Mental Health Events to be Required for Chantix and Zyban
  2. Pharmacotherapy Comparison Table
  3. Pharmacotherapy Treatment Options at a Glance
  4. Prescription Guidelines from The American Academy of Family Practice
  5. Smoking and drug interventions

Here you can view Microsoft PowerPoint® presentations dealing with smoking and tobacco-related issues:

  1. Best Practices (44 KB PowerPoint file)
  2. PowerPoint Presentations on Smoke-Free Environments
  3. Presentations from The Department of Health in Michigan
  4. Setting up a New Tobacco Dependence Treatment Service
  5. Smokers: What am I inhaling? An interactive experience!
  6. Smoking Cessation Presentations from Michigan Department of Health
  7. Smoking in the Movies (2.1 MB PowerPoint file)
  8. Standards of Practice for a Tobacco Treatment Specialist
    (687 KB PowerPoint file)
  9. The Dope of Nicotine
  10. Tobacco Addiction: Why Is It So Powerful? (5.4 MB PowerPoint file)
  11. Tobacco Use in China (14.1 MB PowerPoint file)

Reimbursement for Tobacco Cessation

  1. Medicare Part B


  1. Health and Behavior Information Transfer (HABIT) newsletter
  2. National Institutes of Health: Grants
  3. The Health Consequences of Smoking Database

Resource Materials
Use these tobacco resource materials for resource material about tobacco:

  1. The Anatomy of a Cigarette
  2. History of World Tobacco (1 MB Acrobat file)
  3. Medicare Smoking Cessation Materials (313 KB Acrobat file)
  4. New York State Tobacco Dependence Center
  5. Part B—Smoking Cessation Counseling (64 KB Acrobat file)
  6. Participating Manufacturers (344 KB Acrobat file)
  7. Smoking Cessation Resource Document
  8. Tobacco Continuing Education

Secondhand Smoke

  1. Take It Outside

Smokeless Tobacco

  1. American Cancer Society
  2. CDC: Medline Plus
  3. Medline Plus
  4. Wikipedia
  5. National Spit Tobacco Education Program (NSTEP)
  6. Oral Health Am. Foundation
  7. Program Against Teen Chewing


  1. Survey of adults:
    1. Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)
    2. Current Population Survey (CPS)
    3. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)
    4. National Health Interview Survey (NHIS)
    5. National Household Survey on Drug Abuse (NHSDA)
    6. Tobacco and other drugs-National Institute on Drug Abuse
  2. Survey of youth:
    1. Monitoring the Future Surveys (MTFS)
    2. Monitoring the Future Survey – 8th, 10th, 12th, grade youth
    3. National Household Survey on Drug Abuse (NHSDA)
    4. Teenage Attitudes and Practices Survey (TAPS)
    5. Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS)

Tobacco Control:
US and international resources; links to at least one tobacco control resource for each state as well as international tobacco control resources

Tobacco Cessation

  1. National Smoking Cessation Resources
    (included medical coverage for cessation)
  2. State and National Quitlines
  3. What Happens When You Quit Smoking?
  4. Cessation Resource Center
  5. Videos about quitting (produced by the Mayo Clinic)
    1. Help to Stop Smoking
    2. I’m so Happy I Stopped Smoking
    3. Stopping Smoking: Why is it so Hard?

Tobacco News and Information

Tobacco Industry

  1. Legacy Tobacco Document Library
  2. Richard W. Pollay 20th Century Tobacco Advertisement Collection
  3. The Cigarette Papers
  4. Tobacco Industry Information
    1. British American Tobacco
    2. Lorillard Tobacco
    3. Phillip Morris (Altria Group, Inc.)
    4. RJR

Tobacco Treatment Specialist Courses Available

  1. University of Massachusetts (272 KB Acrobat file)
  2. ACT Center for Tobacco Treatment, Education and Research
  3. University of Medicine and Dentristy New Jersey (UMDNJ) Tobacco Dependence Program
  4. Mayo Clinic Tobacco Treatment Specialist Certification

Tobacco Treatment Specialist Standards of Practice
The Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence has developed a set of competencies to guide the provision of intensive treatment for tobacco dependency and to ground this practice in the best evidence for effective treatment.