Photo of the Year Contest

AARC Times is looking for creative AARC members to enter our 2017 Photo Contest for AARC members only. Finalists will receive a free one-year membership renewal and will have their submittal entered into our AARC Times Cover Photo-of-the-Year Contest. The cover photo winner will be determined following the release of the July 2017 AARC Times issue that will feature all finalist entries. AARC members will then vote online for their favorite photo to be featured on the August AARC Times issue! The deadline for submitting photos is May 1, 2017.

The winning AARC Times cover photo will also be enlarged to poster-size and prominently displayed in a place of honor at the AARC Executive Office in Irving, TX.

When submitting photos, you must include your name, AARC member number, full address, phone number, and email address. Also, submit a Photo Release Form signed by each person pictured in your photos to Marsha Cathcart. All photos in the contest will automatically become the property of the AARC and will not be returned.

Before shooting your photo, please read and carefully follow the instructions below.

AARC Photo Contest Guidelines

  1. Take heartwarming photos of you with your patients, who rely on your care and guidance and who inspire you to be the best respiratory care professional possible.
  2. Set your digital camera to take the highest pixel photo and save the photo as a JPEG. Photos taken at low settings will not be accepted.
  3. Submit photos shot in a vertical format, as shown on this page.
  4. Ship color prints (from a standard film camera) to: Joyce Havins, Photo Contest, AARC, 9425 N. MacArthur Blvd., Ste. 100, Irving, TX 75063-4706.
  5. Mail a CD of your photo to the above address if it is too large to email, or email photos directly to and write “Photo Contest” in the Subject line.
  6. Follow these essential elements for taking the best possible photo:
    • Composition: Try to tell a story or evoke an emotion by choosing that coveted “cover shot,” and frame your subject in the vertical format so it will fit on the cover of the magazine.
    • Exposure: The measure and balance of light is important for defining your photo and giving it the right depth of field. Setting your exposure manually gives you more control and allows for effects you can’t achieve by using your camera’s auto-focus setting alone.
    • Lighting: Be sure you have just the right amount of light to ensure a good photo. Harsh lighting could cast shadows on your subjects and ruin the shot. Also, fluorescent lighting can cast a green tint on everything, so look for filters to alleviate this problem.
    • Set pixels to the highest settings available on your digital camera and the amount of memory required for the photo. What looks good on your digital camera’s small screen or even on your computer may not look good in a large print, such as what’s needed for the cover of AARC Times.
    • Focus: If your digital camera is set to automatically focus on the center object but the main subject of your photo is to the side, the photo may be blurry. Set your focus settings accordingly to ensure you get a clear shot of your subject.

Past Contest Winners

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