Pre-Hospital Ventilator Management Competency

It is the position of the American Association for Respiratory Care that all persons involved in the setup, initiation, application, and maintenance of mechanical ventilators in the pre-hospital setting be formally trained in both the clinical and disease-specific applications of mechanical ventilation.To meet the goals of mechanical ventilation and promote positive outcomes,  pre-hospital care givers must be trained to understand the age-specific the application of positive airway pressure has on the cardio-pulmonary system, as well as the mechanisms available for the monitoring of these interactions. The pre-hospital provider must also be familiar with proper assessment of the airway and the indications for changes in the settings on a mechanical ventilator.

The American Association for Respiratory Care promotes the use of standardized terminology to promote understanding of the applications and pre-hospital management of mechanical ventilators. Furthermore, the AARC recommends that all pre-hospital providers of mechanical ventilation be required to demonstrate competence, at regular intervals, in the use and manipulation of all mechanical ventilators used during the transport of sick and injured patients.

Effective 12/07
Revised 9/2011