Fraudulent Practices in Respiratory Care

The American Association for Respiratory Care opposes and condemns fraudulent practices in respiratory care and encourages respiratory therapists to take all possible measures to prevent such practices. The vast majority of respiratory therapists are honorable and dedicated professionals who are themselves harmed and diminished by fraudulent practices.

Fraudulent practices may include, but are not limited to, submitting claims for payment for services not provided; falsification of documentation to indicate that services were provided which were not, in fact, provided; falsification of patient assessment data, such as lab tests or other diagnostic measurements, to justify services or reimbursement or for other reasons; providing services which are not medically necessary, or which have not been ordered; or using/reporting improper billing codes and/or inflating service charges for selected patient groups to enhance reimbursement.

Fraudulent practices violate the trust which should exist between patients, their caregivers, and payors and present an image of nonprofessionalism, lack of compassion, and overpowering greed. Fraudulent practices undermine legitimate practices and add to the burden on the nation’s already financially stressed health care system. Those who commit fraudulent practices undermine the efforts of the American Association for Respiratory Care's promotion of the profession of respiratory care as a credible force in the delivery of health care.

Further, the American Association for Respiratory Care will continue to support the establishment and strengthening of licensure of respiratory care professionals, which should provide an appropriate mechanism for detecting and eliminating fraudulent practices.

Effective 3/97
Revised 3/00
Retired 12/07