Get Peak Flow Meters for Your Community Events

 Updated: April 29, 2015

AARC is offering free disposable peak flow meters for community event activities to AARC members.

Taking asthma education into your community events like health screenings and county fairs is one way to raise the visibility of respiratory therapists and to educate the public about their health and the great work respiratory therapists do.

Now, for a limited time, AARC has a quantity of disposable peak flow meters that it can make available to you for free of charge—you just pay the shipping. The peak flow meters are to be used for community events only and are not for clinical purposes.

So if you’d like to get peak flow meters for your community event, contact Kris Kuykendall at the AARC offices who can arrange for shipment direct to you. Be prepared with your AARC member number and to tell us a little about your event.