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Broadcast Date Program Description Categories
May 27, 2015 Ethical Dilemmas in Respiratory Therapy Speaker Linda Van Scoder EdD, RRT, FAARC Ethics
May 14, 2015 Spring AARC Management Section Meeting Speaker Cheryl Hoerr, MBA, RRT, FAARC Management
Apr 30, 2015 Benchmarking and Productivity Speaker Timothy Myers MBA, RRT-NPS, FAARC Management
Mar 27, 2015 March 2015 RESPIRATORY CARE JournalCast Speaker Dana Evans, MHA, RRT-NPS Neonatal-Pediatric
Mar 12, 2015 Helping Your Medically Complex Patients Become Disaster Ready Speaker Charles Friderici, BS, RRT Disaster Planning
Mar 5, 2015 Spring 2015 AARC Education Specialty Section Meeting Speaker Ellen Becker, PhD, RRT-NPS, FAARC
Feb 11, 2015 Palliative Care: More than Morphine Speaker Helen Sorenson MA RRT FAARC Ethics
Jan 28, 2015 The Respiratory Therapist’s Role in Preventing Healthcare Acquired Infections Speaker Cheryl Hoerr, MBA, RRT, CPFT, FAARC Patient Safety
Jan 22, 2015 Transitioning from Student to Professional Speaker Toni Rodriguez, EdD, RRT, FAARC Student Learning
Jan 16, 2015 January 2015 RESPIRATORY CARE JournalCast Speaker Shawna Strickland, PhD, RRT-NPS, RRT-ACCS, AE-C, FAARC Diagnostics
Jan 13, 2015 The PELICAN Study: Improving Oxygen Compliance at Home Speaker Jerry Krishnan MD PhD
Dec 18, 2014 December 2014 RESPIRATORY CARE JournalCast Speaker Bill Malley, MS, RRT, CPFT, FAARC Diagnostics
Nov 21, 2014 November 2014 RESPIRATORY CARE JournalCast Speaker Tony Ruppert, MS, RRT-ACCS, CPFT Adult Acute Care
Nov 4, 2014 Pulmonary Hypertension Speaker Tom Lamphere, BS, RRT-ACCS, RPFT, FAARC Adult Acute Care
Nov 3, 2014 Ebola Virus Disease and Implications for Respiratory Care Speaker Lewis Rubinson, MD, PhD Disaster Planning