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June 18, 2009

Online AE-C Prep from the AARC
The AARC’s popular Asthma Educator Certification Preparation Course has just gone online, which means anyone, anywhere, can take advantage of it anytime they want. Right now you can save while you’re doing it too–we’re offering $35 off the regular price till August 1.

RESPIRATORY CARE Journal Meets Twitter
Another reason to get a Twitter account: Respiratory Care journal. Start following the journal today.

Victory for Tobacco Legislation
Congress finally passed legislation giving the FDA the authority to regulate tobacco late last week, and the bill is now on its way to President Obama’s desk for signing.

New Ideas on ICU Care Coming to You in San Antonio
The AARC just lined up Dr. Dale Needham for two presentations at the AARC Congress that’ll have everyone talking. (Hint: he gets his ICU patients up and moving even while they’re still intubated and on mechanical ventilation.)

O2 to Go
Travel just got a whole lot easier for supplemental oxygen users: the FAA rule requiring airlines to allow portable oxygen concentrators on board went into effect May 13. Share our YourLungHealth.Org link with your patients.

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