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March 21, 2013

Specialty Sections Offer Targeted Networking, Information
The AARC supports ten Specialty Sections aimed at specific practice areas within the profession. Membership comes with the chance to network though a dedicated discussion list on AARConnect, plus quarterly Bulletins and monthly newsletters designed to keep you apprised of the latest developments in your specialty. Check them out and sign up for one or more today.

Diaphragmatic Pacing May Lead to Improved Quality of Life for Some
Diaphragmatic pacing is being used as an alternative to mechanical ventilation for some patients who suffer from insufficient spontaneous respiratory effort due to spinal cord injury and other problems. Turn to page 6 of this month’s AARC Times for an overview of this intriguing treatment and a look at some of the scientific evidence backing it up.

Study This!
If your department is looking for a way to get more involved in clinical research, the AARC’s new IRB research protocol for the study of heated high flow nasal cannula may be the answer. This ready-made protocol can be used as is or customized to meet your research objectives. Either way, it can help jump start the research process in your facility.

AARC Benchmarking: By RTs, For RTs
Respiratory care departments often find themselves at a disadvantage when they are benchmarked using typical systems. AARC Benchmarking was designed by RTs for RTs and can help provide accurate data to support administrative decisions.

A Completely Redesigned Website
With features including a more robust search engine, enhanced linking capabilities, more frequent ePub articles, and the ability to download figures as PowerPoint slides, the new RESPIRATORY CARE website puts all the Journal content right at your fingertips. You can find the information you need faster and more easily than ever before. Fitted for desktop computers, laptops, and tablets.

Good Press: AARC Members in the News
Members in this edition of our popular news feature share their success with harmonica programs for COPD patients and more. 

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