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February 16, 2012

Patient Safety Checklists Now Available from the AARC
Medical errors are more prone to take place during intra-hospital transport, with oxygen compromise being one of the leading culprits. The AARC has developed two oxygen monitoring checklists, one for newborns and the other for pediatric/adult patients, that you can use to ensure your patients’ oxygen needs are met during transport within the hospital. Today's medicine is too complex to be left to memory. Download these free checklists today to prevent a medical error of tomorrow.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Toolkit on the Way
Along with sister organizations, the AARC has developed a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Toolkit designed to help hospitals better understand how to submit charges for the new single, bundled PR code. The toolkit, which is being tested now and will be out this spring, was spurred by the significant payment reduction for outpatient pulmonary rehab services that went into effect in January.

Mobile App Keeps You in Touch
If you've not done so yet, take a look at the mobile app that keeps you "always on" with AARConnect. This is great for Specialty Section members who want to keep up with busy discussion lists.

Earn Free CRCE on Feb. 22 (or Later, if You're a Section Member)
Sign up now to attend the live session of next Wed.’s webcast on Pediatric Non Invasive Ventilation featuring Tom Cahill and earn one FREE CRCE. But if you’re a member of the Neonatal-Pediatrics Section no worries if you can’t make the live session–section members can view the archived version at their leisure and still earn the FREE CRCE through our Bonus Webcast program for section members.

Adult Acute Care and Management Section members can view their archived webcasts now, and we’ll have more Bonus Webcasts for other section members coming up soon.

Executive Director Applications Being Accepted Now
Applications for AARC Executive Director are being accepted now through March 15, so if you or someone you know would like to be considered for this leadership position within the Association, click on the link for more information.

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