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January 13, 2011

Jan. 26 Webcast Tackles Public Health Emergencies 
Sign up now for our Jan. 26 webcast and hear Richard Branson speak on the role of the respiratory therapist in preparing for mass respiratory public health emergencies. Branson will be using information from the national ventilator survey coordinated by the AARC to address the resources currently available to support ventilator dependent children and adults. AARC members earn one free CRCE for attending the live session.

RTs in Northeast Show Their Commitment
Respiratory therapists working during the recent northeast blizzard proved their mettle when several walked for miles in the snow to get to their patients. Others stayed on site for days. Bravo!

Last Chance to Submit Congress RFPs
You have till next Wednesday to submit proposals for lectures or programs for the 2011 AARC International Respiratory Congress, Nov. 5–8 in Tampa, FL, so start brainstorming topics you’d like to know more about and then use our Easy Street submission portal to weigh in with your suggestions.

Not sure how to do it? There’s a video tutorial on the webpage that shows exactly how it works.

President Stewart Shares Goals for 2011
AARC President Karen Stewart outlined her goals and objectives for the new year during her acceptance speech at the AARC International Respiratory Congress in Las Vegas.

'Close the Gap' on Better Care for Patients
Carolyn Clancy, MD, director of the Agency of Healthcare Research and Policy, inspired attendees to be advocates for their patients in this excerpt of her Keynote Address.

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