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22 Apr

AARC Seeks Support of Texas COPD and Asthma Bills

The State Capitol Building in Austin, Texas AARC has asked Texas respiratory therapists to get behind an initiative in the state that would establish a COPD and asthma strategic plan. The Texas COPD and asthma bills, in both the Texas Senate and House, are asking for the establishment of such a plan within the Texas… Read more »

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21 Apr

Reaching Out Through AARConnect

Karen Schell A while back, AARC member Karen Schell reached out through AARConnect to all of the AARC Specialty Sections, asking for the donation of equipment and supplies to help support a mission to Ghana. Karen, who is from Kansas, and fellow AARC member Lisa Trujillo, from Utah, are traveling to Ghana on a yearly… Read more »

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20 Apr

Good Press: AARC Members in the News

Michael Bustos Ray Hernandez Clifton Dennis Susan McQuade Mark Lotz Peggy Lange Alan Slaydon Dallas Aune Good Press spotlights AARC members mentioned in the news media at a local and national level. Here is the latest list of news makers: Holly Marocchi and Celeste Belyea’s Sea Puffers travel agency for COPD patients is featured in this… Read more »

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16 Apr

Saint Clare Receives Patient Safety Award

RTs at Saint Clare’s Health System are proud of their Josie King Culture of Safety Hero Award. Respiratory therapists work hard to ensure patient safety every day, and they certainly don’t expect anyone to congratulate them for their efforts. But it sure is nice when someone does. Just ask the RTs at the Saint Clare’s… Read more »

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15 Apr

The Value of Membership: Get Your Continuing Education Here

What does AARC do for you? If that’s a question you find yourself asking from to time, we’ve got plenty of answers for you – starting with the continuing education benefit you get. And here’s the great thing: you can count it in dollars and cents. An average number of CRCE credits needed per year… Read more »

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14 Apr

Thank-You, AARC Volunteers!

The nation is celebrating National Volunteer Week this week, and we thought it would be a great time to says thanks to all of the AARC members who volunteer to work for the Association in various capacities every year. What do our volunteers do? Well, the sky’s really the limit. Here are just a few… Read more »

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10 Apr

Patient Experience Report Issued

AARC has been presented with a report from the National Health Council, evaluating the patient experience with health insurance exchanges. AARC is a member of the National Health Council. AARC and the other members of the Council established five principles for a better health marketplace for patients: Ensure cost-sharing structures and other plan design elements… Read more »

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01 Apr

Join the Club!

One of the best things about the AARC’s professional networking site, AARConnect, is the ability it gives members to get together and discuss topics relevant to their professional practice. Three of the AARC Specialty Sections are behind three especially popular groups— The Leadership Book Club originated in the Management Section and has been going on… Read more »

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30 Mar

Utah Society Receives Grant for Community Service Project

The Utah Society for Respiratory Care (USRC) has been going out into the community to educate school children about lung health and the respiratory care profession for many years now. Now those efforts have been rewarded with a $5,000 grant from Select Health. “The USRC will be honored at a large company banquet in May,”… Read more »

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25 Mar

Student Teams Get Free AARC Congress Registration

The AARC hosts a student Sputum Bowl competition at the AARC Congress every year, and this year student teams are eligible for free Congress registration. All you have to do is sign up to compete on a team and pay the $50 Sputum Bowl registration fee. Since Renegade Teams are now welcome in the competition too, you… Read more »

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