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28 Mar

Good Press: AARC Members in the News | May 2017

From left to right, Jason Elder, Shannon Edwards, Jose Bandek, Kayla Debich, and Cathy Bitsche. Tracy Cook Kasey Baldwin Deryl Gulliford Lynda Glagola Sheila Guidry Annie Welsch was honored by her local sheriff’s office for helping to save a little girl’s life after a car crash, reports this article in the Omaha, NE, World-Herald. “I’m… Read more »

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22 Mar

CVS Cigarette Ban Linked to Higher Quit Rate

Did the CVS decision to quit selling tobacco products in its nationwide chain of pharmacies really do any good? Yes it did, report Rhode Island researchers publishing in the April edition of the American Journal of Public Health — at least among regular cigarette purchasers at CVS. Using data on household cigarette purchasing, they found… Read more »

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08 Mar

COPD Foundation Founder Passes Away

Photo Courtesy of the COPD Foundation/Alpha 1 Foundation The AARC was saddened to learn of the death of COPD Foundation Founder and Director Emeritus John Walsh, who passed away on Tuesday after complications from an accident he suffered last year. According to the COPD Foundation, Walsh “lived each day pushing himself to advocate for those… Read more »

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01 Mar

De-License RTs in Iowa? Don’t Count on It!

Tuesday, Feb. 21 dawned as just another winter’s day for RTs in Iowa. But it sure didn’t end that way. Late in the afternoon leaders in the Iowa Society for Respiratory Care (IaSRC) were contacted by their lobbyist, Matt Eide, who told them a bill had just been introduced into the legislature calling for the… Read more »

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