Membership—Alpha and Omega

 Updated: April 20, 2017

RTs Beginning and Ending Careers Have a Choice in Membership Options

Two new membership programs are available to help people at the beginning and end of their career cycles. Students and retiring members will each benefit as AARC dues tiers are being developed to help both groups step into their new life roles.

Early Renewal for Students

The transitional Student membership is highly discounted for a two-year period if the student renews their membership six months before their graduation.

“We know that students are confronted with a few financial hurdles at graduation time—paying for exams, for graduation expenses, for job interviews—and so we want them to have the opportunity to continue their memberships without hardship,” said Amanda Feil, Membership Development Manager.

In addition, diminishing discount offers will be presented to students after the initial discount offer has expired. The transitional Student member discounts are as follows:

  • $70 for a 2-year membership if paying 91 days before graduation, or
  • $90 for a 2-year membership if paying up to 30 days past graduation, or
  • $70 for a 1-year membership if paying 31–150 days past graduation

After that point regular membership fees will apply. Students will receive a special email with details and a link in order to renew with the discounted membership rates.

Note: Students must wait for the email and link to take advantage of this offer.

Senior Members Can Keep in Touch

Members reaching the end of their careers, who still want to stay in touch and keep attuned to what’s happening in the profession may want to maintain a membership through retirement.

For only $25 per year, members 65 and older who have been AARC members for at least 20 years can receive a digital membership, or they may elect to pay $200 and be a member for life. The following are features of this membership:

  • digital only membership, no mailed publications
  • must be 65 or older; proof of age required upon first application for this member tier
  • must be AARC members for at least 20 years
  • live webcasts are available for free
  • AARC University courses will be charged at the member rate

Feil said, “Many of our members have grown up with AARC and just because the work aspect of their career is ending, their identities are still strong: as respiratory therapists.” This membership tier will help Senior members maintain a link to the organization, even though formal continuing education isn’t on their mind any longer.

Members who are retired but less than 65 years of age must wait until age 65 in order to register for this dues tier.

Individuals must call the AARC Customer Service Department at 972-243-2272 to receive instructions on sending in proof of age and registering for this level for the first time.