Member Discount for Exams

Now you have another great reason to be an AARC member. Discounts on your NBRC examinations!

Effective January 1, 2015, the NBRC will be replacing the CRT and Written RRT exams with the new Therapist Multiple Choice Exam. The $40 discount will not be applicable to the new Therapist Multiple Choice exam. In order to take the current RRT Written or Clinical Simulation Examinations, you must submit your application before October 31, and take your exams before December 31.

All AARC members are eligible for a $40 discount on the following NBRC examinations:

  • RRT (Current Versions of Written or Clinical Simulation)
  • RPFT
  • CPFT
  • NPS
  • SDS

Each member is eligible for this discount under the following conditions:

  • It is for first-time test takers only (on any one of the listed exams)
  • This is a one-time discount

Follow the instructions below to register for the discount and proceed to the NBRC’s Examination and Test Center to register for the examination.


Register for the AARC Member Discount

  1. Register here for the discount. There is no charge for registration; this process validates your membership information and allows you to receive important instructions so that you can receive your discount.
  2. Read the e-mail you receive after registration. It will contain instructions about accessing the NBRC’s Examination and Test Center.

    If you do not have internet access or an e-mail address, please call the AARC Customer Service Department for assistance at (972) 243-2272.

Proceed to the NBRC’s Examination and Test Center

  1. Once you have registered and obtained your instructions, please proceed to the NBRC’s Examination and Test Center. But first: Please be sure your browser has cookies enabled before accessing this site. This is very important; the lowest settings must be enabled, at least temporarily, in order to allow you to access the NBRC’s site.

Thank you for validating your professionalism by being a member of the AARC and seeking higher professional credentials with the NBRC!