AARC Election 2010


Sleep Section Chair-Elect

Tony Stigall, MBA, RRT, RPSGT

Space Coast Sleep Disorders Center
Melbourne, FL
AARC member since 2003

RRT, BS, University of Central Florida 1994. RPSGT, MBA, University of Central FL, 2003. In July 2007, I took and passed the Board of Registered Polysomnographic exam to become a registered polysomnographic technologist. Under the supervision of my medical director, James P. Shaffer, MD, I played a crucial role in receiving full accreditation from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine on June 7, 2009.

What is your vision of the AARC in 2015?
My vision for the AARC in 2015 is to appeal to all people in the field of Respiratory Care and increase awareness in the field of sleep medicine.  The AARC will continue to offer members valuable services in sleep medicine ranging from legal updates with CMS, state and local governments, the AASM and BRPT, to offering CEUs, forums, lectures and articles on various cutting-edge products and techniques.

What have you done in the last 5 years to promote the profession in your community?
As the owner of a four-bed sleep center, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that our policies and procedures are in keeping with the Medicare, AASM, and BRPT guidelines.  

If physicians and managers in the field of sleep medicine fail to stay updated with the ever changing federal and state legislative updates, one could easily commit fraud without knowing it. 

In promoting our facility, I am constantly meeting with physicians, physician assistants and nurses to educate them about the updates in Medicare regarding the field of sleep medicine. Many physicians and their staff are unaware of the changes in the Medicare Local Coverage Determinations in the state of Florida that became effective on 06/30/09. I am able to meet with many of our referring physicians in their office for a brief face to face meeting. I also assist in hosting informative dinner lectures for physicians and their staff regarding updates in technology, legislative changes as well as educational topics on OSA.

Due to the changes in LCDs, Medicare patients in need of polysomnogram (PSG) must receive their sleep study in an AASM or JCAHO accredited sleep center or laboratory.  Home Sleep Tests (HST) must also be administered by an AASM or Joint Commission accredited sleep center or laboratory. All sleep studies must be reviewed and interpreted by either a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine (ABSM), a Diplomate in Sleep Medicine by a member board of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) or an active physician staff member of an AASM or Joint Commission accredited sleep center or laboratory. 

In addition, a PSG or HST must be attended by a sleep technologist with appropriate credentials by a nationally recognized credentialing organization. Appropriate credentials and the corresponding nationally recognized credentialing organization are as follows:
1) The Registered Polysomngraphic Technologist (RPSGT) credentialed by the BRPT.
2) The Registered Electroencephalographic Technologist (R.EEG T) credentialed by the American Board of Registration of Electroencephlographic and Evoked Potential Technologists (ABRET).
3) The Certified Respiratory Therapist—Sleep Disorders Specialty (CRT-SDS) or the Registered Respiratory Therapist—Sleep Disorders Specialty (RRT-SDC) credentialed by National Board of Respiratory Care.

As a member of the American Association of Sleep Technologists, I am able to receive updates from the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT) regarding eligibility for credentialing examinations and the corresponding prerequisites. In turn, I educate our staff on these changes and make sure our non-credentialed technologists are aware of these changes. Furthermore, it is paramount to ensure that all staff sleep technologists understand that non-credentialed technologists do not attend any sleep study for any Medicare patients. Only appropriate certified personnel are permitted to attend sleep studies for Medicare patients.


First Coast Service Options, Inc. (May 1, 2009) LCD for Polysomnography and Sleep Testing (L29949)