AARC Election 2010


Director at Large

Charles McArthur, RRT, RPFT

CORE Respiratory Services
Mankato, MN
AARC member since 1987

AARC Activities:
Chair AARC Diagnostics Section 2006–2008. Member Diagnostics Section 2000. Member Acute Care Section 2005. Member Specialty Section/Roundtable Committee 2007. Member Clinical Practice Guidelines Steering Committee 2007.

House of Delegates Activities:
Minnesota Society for Respiratory Care Delegate 2002–2005. Chair Delegates’ Assistance Committee, 2004.

Affiliate Activities:
President Minnesota Society for Respiratory Care, 1995. Vice President 1992. Parliamentarian 2006. MSRC Board of Directors 1999–2000. Board of Directors 1990–1991. Chair MSRC Long Range Planning Committee 1996. Chair Legislative Affairs Committee 1993. Chair Budget and Audit Committee, 1992. Chair Education Seminars Committee 1991. Chair Nominations Committee 1990. Member North Regional Respiratory Care Annual Education Speakers Committee 2005–2009. Member MSRC Annual Education Committee 1996–2004. Member, Sputum Bowl Committee 2007–2009. Member Long Range Planning Committee 1997–2009. Member Legislative Committee 1997–2000.

Related Organizations:
National Lung Health Education Program Spirometry Examination Committee 2005–2009. NIOSH Spirometry Course Director 1997–2003. Member National Board for Respiratory Care RPFT/CPFT Examination Committee 2006.

B.A. Biomedical Science, St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN, 1979. A.A. Respiratory Therapy, University of Chicago, Chicago IL, 1981.

Ventilator Waveforms, AARC Times, March 2005. Noninvasive Ventilation, AARC Times, December 2005. Preventing Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia: An Overview, AARC Times, April 2006. Spirometry and COPD, AARC Times, November 2008.

What is your vision of the AARC in 2015?
The AARC will play a key role in adapting the practice of Respiratory Therapy to meet the challenges of the future. An increasing number of people with chronic diseases and the rising cost of health care will make business as usual impossible. Our profession will continue to adopt evidence-based protocolized care to enhance the cost and effectiveness of Respiratory Therapists. We will change our focus from performing tasks to becoming disease managers and patient educators. We will look beyond the inpatient care setting to the home and outpatient setting. We will be very cost competitive and responsive to the consumer. The AARC is already laying down the foundation of change and will continue to be a leader in health care reform. The AARC will increase the value of membership to the Respiratory Therapist by increasing opportunities for communication, education, and participation.

What have you done in the last 5 years to promote the profession in your community?
I have met with junior high and high school students to discuss the profession of respiratory therapy. This year I met with 8 classes. I have also organized and spoken at an annual community COPD seminar that attracts 150 people each year. I have done several television interviews at our local TV station including those on the use of AEDs and air quality. I also participated in a community effort to ban smoking in all public places in our city; an ordinance was passed last year.