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Robert Klein Joins COPD Awareness Campaign

Actor and comedian Robert Klein has joined forces with the AARC and respiratory care drug manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim in a national COPD awareness campaign. The campaign kicked off in Dallas, TX in May, as Klein and pulmonologist Dr. Kelly Green began a national media tour.

Klein and Green spoke with the media about the ravages of the disease, the number of people who are suffering undiagnosed and the simple spirometry test that can alert people to problems. A web site, www.thebreathingspace.com, has been created to provide information and resources to people interested in COPD.

Klein, diagnosed with COPD almost 10 years after he quit smoking, says he knows the importance of early diagnosis. He works out regularly, which helps keep his COPD in check. Still, he’s reminded that there is no cure, every time he feels short of breath from just speaking.

While in Dallas, Klein met with AARC staff and discussed the campaign and future plans. For Klein, the future is definitely bright: Klein is currently filming a movie with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant and while at lunch with AARC staff, Klein got a part in a new movie starring Goldie Hawn’s daughter Kate Hudson.