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Respiratory Care Journal Features Results of Applied Respiratory Physiology Conference

For Immediate Release

IRVING, TX (January 31, 2005) – Respiratory health professionals who want to learn more about cutting edge advances in applied respiratory physiology will find a complete overview of the area in the January and February issues of the American Association for Respiratory Care's peer-reviewed journal, Respiratory Care.  

The special, two-part series includes articles based on the findings from the “Journal Conference on Applied Respiratory Physiology: Use of Ventilator Waveforms and Mechanics in the Management of Critically Ill Patients” held last April.  

The conference, which was chaired by Drs. Dean R. Hess and Luca Bigatello from Massachusetts General Hospital, gathered an international group of experts together to explore current generation ventilators, many of which display graphics of pressure, flow, and volume, along with the measurement of plateau pressure and auto-PEEP. Some are also capable of calculating various respiratory mechanics. While these advances allow the ventilator to be used to probe pathophysiology as well as provide life support, thus enabling the clinician to apply various aspects of respiratory physiology to the care of the patient, the technology has, in some respects, outpaced the ability of clinicians to use the information.  

The journal conference provided a forum for discussion of the use of ventilator waveforms and mechanics, with special emphasis on applied respiratory physiology. The resulting articles published in the January and February issues of Respiratory Care journal will serve as a resource for respiratory practitioners as they apply these advances in ventilator technology at the bedside.  

The Applied Respiratory Physiology conference is the 34 th major conference convened by the RESPIRATORY CARE Journal to examine issues crucial to the care of respiratory patients. Past topics range from “Sleep Disordered Breathing” and “Transtracheal Gas Insufflation” to “Liquid Nebulization: Emerging Technologies” and “Evidence-Based Medicine in Respiratory Care.” The special issues of the journal containing the results of these groundbreaking meetings serve as reference materials for respiratory therapists and other respiratory health professionals for years to come.  

Respiratory Care journal is a peer reviewed scientific journal published by the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) and listed in Index Medicus. The AARC is a professional membership organization of respiratory therapists dedicated to respiratory therapy education and research. Among its goals are to advocate on behalf of pulmonary patients for appropriate access to respiratory services provided by qualified professionals and to benefit respiratory health care providers.  


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