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News Media Policies & Guidelines

All scientific sessions, lectures, and discussions at the International Respiratory Congress are complimentary and open to the registered press, including representatives of print, electronic, and internet media. Press attendees must represent the editorial staff. Public relations, advertising, marketing, or sales representatives will not be issued a press pass. 

To register as press, journalists must present media identification or a business card issued by a recognized news organization or publication. Freelance journalists must present a letter of assignment on letterhead from a recognized news organization or publication, and a business card. 

Journalists working for medical publishing companies must have appropriate press credentials (i.e., proof of an editorial assignment) in order to register and the publication must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have multiple sponsors or contain no advertising within the publication’s pages
  • Must have complete editorial freedom from their sponsors

Journalists reporting for online media outlets who wish to register as press must work for news-making organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • The Web site must provide original, editorial news coverage
  • Editorial content must be independent of advertising and sponsorship
  • Advertising on the Web site should be clearly identified as such and should be multiple in number (i.e., no single-sponsored Web sites)

Journalists who are preregistered and journalists who plan to register on-site should proceed to the International Respiratory Congress’s Pressroom, located in AARC Office on site at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. Photo identification will be required. 

Registered journalists must wear badges at all times while attending the International Respiratory Congress or when covering AARC International Respiratory Congress events. 

** The AARC reserves the right to bar from this and future meetings any journalist who deliberately promotes the viewpoint of one company or institution, or who attempts to solicit manuscripts, advertising, or subscriptions from registrants or exhibitors. 

Embargo Policy
All scientific information, including abstracts, posters, case reports, and special presentations, slated for presentation at the International Respiratory Congress, are embargoed until the day and time that the information is presented. Please check the International Respiratory Congress Advance Program for specific dates and times of presentations.

If further information is needed, International Respiratory Care pressroom staff can provide assistance in identifying and arranging interviews with experts who are able to provide comment.

Public Relations, Corporate Representatives, and Exhibitors
Exhibitors and representatives of marketing, advertising, public relations, medical education organizations or companies producing print or electronic materials for those purposes are not permitted to register as press and are not permitted in the pressroom. Advertising sales representatives, marketing professionals, publishers and others must register through the American Association for Respiratory Care and pay the required registration fee regardless of affiliation with a journalism organization. This policy also applies to industry press officers and PR representatives.

Photographers or camera crews hired by the company or institution representatives or exhibitors must obtain permission from the AARC to conduct any on-site photo or video shoots during the International Respiratory Congress.

Pressroom Press Kits from Corporate Partners, Exhibitors
An area in the pressroom (or a press kit for all members of the press) will be available for non-AARC news releases (those provided by institutions, exhibitors, or industry). This option will first be offered to AARC Corporate Partners. All Kits must meet the following requirements:

  • All press materials will be reviewed and approved by AARC.
  • These press materials must specifically pertain to scientific research presented at OPEN FORUM 2004.
  • Corporate Partners may release information about products or services that are being introduced exclusively during the AARC International Respiratory Congress.
  • Correct use of the “AARC” abbreviation or the full name, American Association for Respiratory Care, and/or reference to the AARC’s International Respiratory Congress, is required in all non-AARC issued press releases.

Media events or news briefings other than those organized by the AARC are not permitted in any International Respiratory Congress meeting area. Satellite press events are not permitted during meeting hours.

AARC reserves the right to bar any guests of press briefing participants who engage in promotional discussion during the briefings that are outside of the spirit of scientific or educational exchange.

AARC does not make available the press registration list in advance of or following the meeting.

Pressroom Details
During the AARC 2004 International Respiratory Congress, there will be no specific area for the press to gather. Press Kits will be distributed in the AARC Office of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. Press passes will also be available there. If during the Congress our staff can assist you in anyway, please contact the AARC Communications Department at 972-243-2272.  

Beth Binkley
Communications Coordinator
972-243-2272, binkley@aarc.org