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Contact: Asha Desai

May Issue of RESPIRATORY CARE Now Available

May 23, 2002 (Dallas) - The May issue of RESPIRATORY CARE includes articles that examine current bedside spirometry practices, the nature of respiratory therapists' involvement in patient assessment and ways to better prepare respiratory care students for their careers.

"Bedside Spirometry in a Tertiary Hospital: The Cleveland Clinic Experience"
After conducting an audit of their bedside spirometry tests, the Cleveland Clinic Hospital implemented an improvement program and tracked the results. The paper, by James K. Stoller MD, MSc, FAARC; Douglas Orens RRT, MBA; Edward Hoisington RRT and Kevin McCarthy RCPT provides a blueprint any organization can adapt to fit their own assessment needs.

"Physician Expectations of Respiratory Therapists in Patient Assessment"
The respiratory therapists role in patient assessment varies between state, institutions and even individual physicians. As protocols become more incorporated, however, the RT's role in patient assessment will become clearer and physicians' current expectations may define the scope of RT involvement. A group in Loma Linda, Calif. conducted a survey of local physicians to determine their expectations for RT involvement in patient assessment. The survey and its results may help others rethink how respiratory therapists may be incorporated into the health care responsibility matrix.

"Relationship Between Critical Thinking and Decision-Making in Respiratory Care Student"
To effectively practice, respiratory therapists must have critical thinking and decision-making skills. Educators are currently refining curriculum to improve these skills in current and future students. The study presented here looks at the relationship between critical thinking, decision-making and respiratory care students and how improving the students' critical thinking may, by default, improve their decision-making skills.

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