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Medical Ethicist to Deliver Keynote Address at AARC Congress

For Immediate Release

Dallas (September 13, 2002) - Nationally known health care ethics crusader Linda Peeno, MD, will be the keynote speaker at this year’s International Respiratory Congress in Tampa, Fla., Saturday, October 5, at 10 a.m. Respiratory therapists attending the Congress held at the Tampa Convention Center learn how managed care organizations (MCOs) make key decisions on access to care for their beneficiaries.

Dr. Peeno testified before Congress in 1997. There she said, “As a former medical director, I have done the dirty work of managed care. This prompted me to leave and work aggressively for health care ethics. Because I know how the ‘system’ works, I am best able to identify its ethical transgressions and suggest corrections.”

A former medical reviewer for Humana and Blue Cross, Dr. Peeno will share these firsthand experiences with patient care decisions. Her crusade to improve health care coverage for millions of Americans was the recent subject of a Showtime movie starring Laura Dern.

The movie, “Damaged Care,” chronicled Dr. Peeno’s odyssey from managed care insider to expert witness for patients suing their MCOs for denial of necessary medical services. Along the way, she has also authored several articles for national publications aimed at educating the public about what she has termed "the menace of managed care."

Dr. Peeno received her undergraduate degree from Morehead State University in Morehead, KY, and her degree in internal medicine from Murray State University in Murray, KY. She currently resides in Louisville, KY, where she serves on an ethics committee at the University of Louisville Hospital.

An interview with Dr. Peeno and the AARC is posted on the AARC’s Web site at www.aarc.org/headlines/peeno_interview.asp.

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Contact: Sherry Milligan