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48th International Respiratory Congress Set in Tampa

American Association for Respiratory Care’s Annual Convention and Exhibition

For Immediate Release

Dallas (September 13, 2002) - The Convention and Exhibition of the American Association for Respiratory Care - the International Respiratory Congress - kicks off its 48th meeting in Tampa, Fla., beginning October 5 through October 8.

This annual event for respiratory therapists, physicians, nurses and other health care providers who specialize in lung health will meet to learn more about the science behind respiratory therapies, present new research, participate in a fun-filled Sputum Bowl (a knowledge-based competition between state respiratory societies), buy and sell the latest in respiratory technology and more.

“In today's health care environment, knowledge is power,” says Margaret F. Traband, MEd, RRT, AARC president. “Staying ahead of the game isn't just the name of the game - it’s the only game. This conference is a once-a-year opportunity for respiratory therapists to ‘power-up’ for the year ahead.”

In addition to the many science- and clinical-related topics specifically for health professionals, the AARC will also host its Consumer Roundtable all day Monday, Oct. 7.

“The Consumer Roundtable is designed to help those who use respiratory care techniques, equipment and treatments,” says Sherry Milligan, MBA, AARC associate executive director. “For the large number of Americans with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - or COPD, cystic fibrosis, asthma and other lung disorders, the technology is growing and, subsequently, those who use this technology need to learn more about it.”

Milligan adds that a lecture series, called “Around the Clock with COPD,” will feature talks by those who deal with the chronic condition everyday. The speakers will address care giving, which often falls to family members, personal experiences, and a testimonial from a respiratory therapist who primarily cares for those with COPD.

The American Association for Respiratory Care, a professional membership association of respiratory therapists, focuses primarily on respiratory therapy education and research. Its goals are to ensure that respiratory patients receive safe and effective care from qualified professionals and to benefit respiratory health care providers. The Association continues to advocate, on behalf of pulmonary patients, for appropriate access to respiratory services provided by qualified professionals.


Contact: Sherry Milligan