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Airway Devices

Title Publication Year Month Pages
Modification of a Critical Care Ventilator for Use During Magnetic Resonance Imaging Respiratory Care 2002 January 61-68
Decision Analysis for Large Capital Purchases: How to Buy a Ventilator Respiratory Care 2001 October 1038-1053
An Evaluation of Ventilator Reliability: A Multivariate, Failure Time Analysis of 5 Common Ventilator Brands Respiratory Care 2001 August 789-797
Evaluation of Inspiratory Rise Time and Inspiration Termindation Criteria in New-Generation Mechanical Ventilators: A Lung Model Study Respiratory Care 2001 July 666-677
Tracheal Gas Insufflation and Related Techniques to Introduce Gas Flow into the Trachea Respiratory Care 2001 Feb 119-129
An Evolution of Automode, a Computer-Controlled Ventilator Mode, with the Siemens Servo 300A Ventilator, Using a Porcine Model Respiratory Care 2001 Jan 26-36
Ventilation for Life Aerosol Therapy During Mechanical Ventilation AARC Times 2000 July 18-24
Complications of Noninvasive Ventilation Respiratory Care 2000 May 480-481
Negative Pressure Ventilation via Chest Curiass to Decrease Ventilator-Associated Complications in Infants with ARF: A Case Series Respiratory Care 2000 May 486-490
Noninvasive Mechanical Ventilation:What Have We Learned? AARC Times 2000 May 16-19
Effects of Respiratory Impedance on the Performance of Bi-Level Pressure Ventilators Respiratory Care 2000 Apr 390-400
Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation: What Have We Learned? Respiratory Care 2000 Apr 417-431
Intrahospital Transport of the Mechanically Ventilated Patient AARC Times 2000 Mar 26-29
Important Considerations Prior to Purchasing a Transport Ventilator AARC Times 2000 Mar 10-15
Volume-Pressure Curves During Mechanical Ventilation AARC Times 2000 Feb 64-67
Pressure-Control Ventilation: Options in Limiting Barotrauma AARC Times 2000 Feb 22-25
The Many Modes of Mechanical Ventilation AARC Times 2000 Jan 25-30
Ventilators and Their Management AARC Times 1999 Dec 65-68
Data Collection and Interpretation of the Clinical Picture AARC Times 1999 Nov 81-84
Mechanical Ventilator Malfunctions: A Descriptive and Comparative Study of 6 Common Ventilator Brands Respiratory Care 1999 Oct 1183-1192
Pediatric Ventilation with Nitric Oxide AARC Times 1999 Oct 53-56
Back to the Heart of Mechanical Ventilation AARC Times 1999 Sept 39-44
Understanding the Essentials of Waveform Analysis AARC Times 1999 Jul 7-12
Inspiratory Time, Pressure Settings, and Site of Supplemental Oxygen Insertion Affect Delivered Oxygen Fraction with the Quantum PSV Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilator Respiratory Care 1999 May 520-523
Update on Nocturnal NPVV AARC Times 1999 May 39-42
Neonatal Mechanical Ventilation Support AARC Times 1999 Apr 51-53
Compactness and Portability of Devices Reign AARC Times 1999 Mar 38-39
Mechanical Ventilation of the Asthma Patient AARC Times 1999 Jan 65-67

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