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Sleep Diagnostics

Title Publication Year Month Pages
Establishing a Sleep Disorders Center AARC Times 1999 May 35-37
Insomnia-The Most Common Sleep Disorder AARC Times 2000 May 32-36
Maintenance of Wakefulness Test AARC Times 2000 Apr 50-51
Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea AARC Times 2000 May 37-39
Periodic Limb Movements During Sleep AARC Times 2000 Mar 30-32
Pros and Cons of Split-Night PSG Testing AARC Times 1999 Aug 29-30
Quality Aspects of Sleep Studies in the Home AARC Times 1999 Nov 75-78
Recognizing the Patient with Narcolepsy AARC Times 2000 Jan 39-42
So Now You're In Charge of Sleep AARC Times 1999 Oct 41-44
Understanding Changes in Brain Waves During Sleep AARC Times 2000 Aug 40-42

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