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Pulmonary Function Testing

Title Publication Year Month Pages
Bronchial Provocation Challenges AARC Times 1999 Jan 57-59
Spirometry: Asthma and COPD Guidelines AARC Times 2000 Jan 43-47
Airway Resistance Measurements in the Evaluation of COPD AARC Times 2000 Jan 48-51
Bronchial Provocation Testing AARC Times 2000 Aug 34-36
The Six-Minute Walk Test AARC Times 2000 Feb 68-70
Office Spirometry for Lung Health Assessment in Adults: Consensus Statement from NLHEP Respiratory Care 2000 May 513-530
Performance Comparison of the Hand-Held MicroPlus Portable Spirometer and the SensorMedics Vmax Respiratory Care 1999 Dec 1465-1473

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