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Oxygen Delivery

Title Publication Year Month Pages
Matching the Product to the Patient AARC Times 2001 Oct 56-60
Pediatric Oxygen and Humidity Therapy: Adapting Therapy to Fit the Clinical Picture AARC Times 2000 Dec 55-57, 84
Chronic Lung Disease of Infancy: Oxygen Delivery Devices and Airway Management AARC Times 2000 Oct 41-44
Technical Advances in Home Care for Geriatric Chronic Lung Disease Patients AARC Times 2000 Oct 31-34
Selection of Appropriate Oxygen Delivery System AARC Times 1999 Sept 51-54
Delivery Systems for Long-Term Oxygen Therapy Respiratory Care 2000 Jan 84-94
Oxygen-Conserving Techniques and Devices Respiratory Care 2000 Jan 95-104
A Bench Study Comparison of Demand Oxygen Delivery Systems and Continuous Flow Oxygen Respiratory Care 1999 Aug 925-931

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