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Medication Gas Administration Devices

Title Publication Year Month Pages
Performance of Large-Volume versus-Small Volume Holding Chambers with Chlorofluorocarbon-Albuterol and Hydrofluoroalkane-Albuterol Sulfate Respiratory Care 1999 Jan 38-44
Bronchodilator Therapy in Mechanically Ventilated Patients Respiratory Care 1999 Jan 53-69
Bronchodilator Resuscitation in the Emergency Department Part 1 of 2: Device Selection Respiratory Care 1999 Nov 1353-1374
In Vitro Testing of MDI Spacers: A Technique for Measuring Respirable Dose Output with Actuation In-Phase or Out-of-Phase with Inhalation Respiratory Care 1999 Dec 1474-1485
In Vitro Comparison of the Circulaire and AeroTee to a Traditional Nebulizer T-Piece with Corrugated Tubing Respiratory Care 2000 Mar 313-319

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