Join the Club!

 Updated: April 20, 2017


One of the best things about the AARC’s professional networking site, AARConnect, is the ability it gives members to get together and discuss topics relevant to their professional practice.

Three of the AARC Specialty Sections are behind three especially popular groups—

  • The Leadership Book Club originated in the Management Section and has been going on for four years now, with lively discussions on a range of topics that figure into the management of respiratory care departments. Most recently the club has been weighing in on Greg McKeown’s Essentialism.
  • Members who sign up for the Adult Acute Care Section Journal Club read journal papers and then talk about the findings. The March article was published in the New England Journal of Medicine and focused on driving pressure and survival in the acute respiratory distress syndrome.
  • The latest entry into this category of member benefits is the Education Section Book Club. Similar to the Leadership Book Club, a discussion leader picks a book for the group to read and members express their opinions as everyone works their way through the material. Right now members are in the midst of a discussion of Eric Jensen’s Teaching with the Brain in Mind.

#WhyImAnAARCMember [blue]So if getting together with colleagues to talk about concepts and ideas that figure into your daily practice sounds interesting to you, consider joining one or more of these clubs. Even though they were begun by the Specialty Sections, you don’t have to be a section member to join. You will, however, get a good taste of what the sections are up to and how they add value to AARC membership!