Frequently Asked Questions…

What is AARConnect?

AARConnectIt is a social network for AARC members only. It’s a social network—but we’ll use it for professional business. Through AARConnect you can:

  • Interact with AARC members around the world.
  • Have better control and more options with your Discussion Lists (formerly called listservs). You decide how to receive postings to Discussion Lists and what email address you want to use.
  • Get your clinical questions answered in our Help Line.
  • Start discussions of your own—for fun. Use hobbies as a launch point for a Member-created Community (that you create!). Like baseball, sewing, or books.
  • Learn more about the friends you already know by making them “contacts.” (Kind of like friends on Facebook.)
  • Find old friends—search by college, city, job setting, name. A robust search feature lets you keep in touch.
  • Conduct committee business with committee members in a secure environment. If you’re on a committee or in a Section or join a Roundtable, you’ll find your fellow participants.

You control it all. You control how much information others see about you, how you want your emails delivered and how often and what communities you want to belong to.