Frequently Asked Questions…

How do I Use AARConnect?

AARConnectAARConnect is a professional social network of AARC members only. Because its features are numerous, this page was developed to help you “discover” all its functionality in a controlled manner so as to learn the various aspects of the system.

1. Create Your Profile

Your jumping off point is to create a profile, showing your interests and demographic information.

  • Log in to using your member ID and your password.

  • Go to My Profile and start filling in your information.
    You can see your name and address because it’s your profile. Other members cannot see this. You will control exactly what other people can see in step 2.

  • For more help, view the video tutorial entitled How do I update my profile page? on the Help page.

2. Set Your Preferences

Set up who and how people see your profile. Go to Preferences and set up your answers to the following:

  • Allow  community members to contact me?
    Say “yes” or “no” according to how you wish email contacts to be made to you for various activities. You can choose “No” and then no one will be able to communicate with you. We suggest you leave these at the default settings until you become acquainted with AARConnect and see how these contact methods work for you.

  • I would like to be included in the member directory and community rosters
    This controls how much of your profile other members see. Make your selections based on the following:

    My Contacts—Only people you specifically accept as a “contact” will see this bit of information

    Members Only—Any AARC member can view

    Public—Anyone can view, whether they are an AARC member or not.

    Nobody—No one at all can see these pieces of information.

  • For more help, view the video tutorial entitled How do I edit my security preferences? on the Help page.

3.  Find the “Discussions” available to you

Some discussion lists are open to all AARC members. Some are open only to those who belong to a particular specialty section or committee. See what is available to you.

  • Go to My Subscriptions to see what discussions you are eligible to join.

  • If you feel you would like to join one of the discussions on this page, click the radio button corresponding to the method in which you’d like to receive your discussion posts.

    Real Time—Get messages in your email box as they are posted.

    Daily Digest—Get one email message per day with all discussions.

    PDA—Get text-based messages (with no links to attachments) as they are posted. You can also send messages to the list via email without going to This version works on any device (desktop PCs, smart phones, etc), not just PDAs.

    No Emails—You want no emails; you’ll sign in the the web site to follow the discussions.

    Unsubscribe—You no longer wish to participate in any of these discussions.

  • For more help, view the video tutorials entitled What is a discussion list? and How do I manage my discussion list subscriptions? on the Help page.

4. Join the Help Line

We suggest that everyone join the “Help Line” discussion list so that you can ask and answer clinical questions to help you in your job. This replaces the Help Line that used to be on

  • Go to My Subscriptions

  • Next to “Help Line” click Real Time (to get immediate emails) or Daily Digest (to get emails once per day)

5. Find a Friend

Find an old friend. An old classmate. A former co-worker. It’s easy.

  • Go to Find a Member

  • Enter their first and last name.

  • If you find them, click on “Add Member Name as a contact.” They’ll now show up in your contacts on your profile.

6. Send a Private Message

Send one of your contacts a message.

  • Navigate to their profile.

  • Under their name, address, and current AARC activities is a button to “Send Message.”

7. Check Out Member Created Communities

Just for fun, our members can create communities with discussion lists and libraries. Is there something you’d like to connect with other member on? Even something fun. See what fun communities have been created for you to join.

  • Go to All Communities

  • Select “Member Created Community” in the Community Type drop-down box.

  • Click on the name of the community you’re interested in.

  • Click on “Join Community”

  • Now go to Discussions > My Subscriptions

  • Choose the method in which you’d like to receive your communications.

8. Find a Document

Each of your Discussion Lists has a corresponding Library where documents can be posted by members for members.

  • Go to Resource Libraries. There you will find documents and files available to you. You can use the search function to find something specific and you’ll also see an “Add Document” button if you have something to contribute.

  • For more help, view the video tutorial entitled How do I attach a file to my disussion list message? on the Help page.