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Good Press: AARC Members in the News

November 4, 2009

We have lots of newsmakers to share in this edition—

Michael Fitzgibbons

June Schultz

Joseph McDonald

Jason Smith

Jason Bordelon

Douglas Masini

Gregory Paulauskis

James Maguire

Phil Rogone

Ronald Jacobs

Brian Cayko

  • Bill Lovitz is noted for presenting a class on infant CPR in this article in the Youngstown, OH, Vindicator.

  • Michael Fitzgibbons talks about his return to school to earn a degree in respiratory therapy in this article in the Scarborough, ME, Leader.

  • Kelly Friedley comments on the lung tests she offered at a recent health fair in this article in the Marion, OH, Star.

  • Nick Kuhnley highlights ventilation issues during a pandemic in this article on

  • AARC Director of Government Affairs Cheryl West joins June Schultz and Phil Porte in explaining how proposed pulmonary rehab regulations would adversely impact patients in this article in the Nashua, NH, Telegraph.

  • Greg Morrison is profiled in this article in the Valley Star of Los Angeles Valley College. The student publication not only talks about the RT program director but also gives a lot of great information about the profession.

  • Gina Penrice explains how CPAP can help people with sleep apnea in this article in the Ann Arbor, MI, News.

  • Joseph McDonald is noted for speaking on COPD in this article in the Syracuse, NY, Post-Standard.

  • Meghan Hunter is featured for her new role on the Life Star transport team in this article in the Connecticut Post. “What greater job is there, to go out and help people like we do?” she was quoted as saying. “You pick up somebody who is in really bad straits and they make a full recovery. It's just phenomenal.”

  • Lissette Jones offers support for a casino smoking ban in this article in the Press of Atlantic City out of Atlantic City, NJ. “I don't like smoking,” she was quoted as saying. “When you walk through a smoking area and smell it, it's very irritating.”

  • Dr. Tom Petty joins Allen Wentworth in this article about the recent Moving Mountains COPD Conference. The AARC and Colorado Society for Respiratory Care are noted for their role in supporting COPD as well. The story appeared in the University of Colorado Hospital Insider.

  • Dr. Petty also comments about a recent study he conducted on screening for lung cancer in this articleon

  • Jason Smith’s bid for mayor of Hurricane, UT, is covered in this article in the St. George, UT, Daily Spectrum. If elected, Jason says he’ll focus on bringing more new businesses to the area.

  • Mary Buckley-Davis is quoted in this article in the New York Times on pandemic planning. Mary’s letter to officials in 2007 warned of the dire consequences that will face hospitals if shortages mean they are forced to disconnect people from ventilators.

  • Jason A. Bordelon is noted for his new job as director of respiratory care in this article in the Alexandria, LA, Town Talk.

  • AARC COO Tom Kallstrom explains how to tell the difference between H1N1 and the common cold in this article in the State Journal-Register out of Springfield, IL. “It’s important to try to differentiate as much as you can between a cold, a flu or even an allergy,” he was quoted as saying.

  • Mohamed Saeed comments on student loans in this article in the Rochester, MN, Post-Bulletin on a visit made to his college campus by U.S. Sen. Al Franken.

  • Marilee Sage is noted for receiving a Wind Beneath Our Wings award in this article in the Rapid City, SD, Journal.

  • Douglas Masini is listed as the contact person for a respiratory program being hosted by his students in this article in the Savannah, GA, Morning News.

  • Anne Cygan is noted for her new position as director of respiratory therapy in this article on out of Valparaiso, IN.

  • Gregory Paulauskis talks about job opportunities in the health care professions in this article in the Great Falls, MT, Tribune.

  • James Maguire is noted for speaking at a respiratory conference in this articlein the Sioux City, IA, Journal.

  • Phil Rogone is featured for helping his wife Sharon start a company aimed at marketing products designed especially for the neonatal patient in this article on

  • Deborah Gilbert Barreto is noted for her military service in this article in the Hilton Head Island, SC, Packet.

  • Noble Waidelich is featured for helping to rescue two people involved in a traffic accident in this article in the Ukiah, CA, Daily Journal.

And we have several members who’ve gotten great coverage for RC Week—

  • Becky Young joins AARC President Tim Myers in this article in the Citrus County News out of Florida.

  • Michael Suchy is the author of this article on the week in the Florence, SC, Star and Enterprise.

  • Ronald Jacobs is noted for receiving an RC Week proclamation from his local government in this article in The Batavian out of Batavia, NY.

  • Carrie Tracy and her colleagues take advantage of the week to highlight pulmonary rehab patient Carol Blum in this article in the Beloit, WI, Daily News. “Carol is such an inspiration to others with breathing conditions,” Carrie was quoted as saying. “She has really excelled and overcome so much to get where she is today.”

  • Brian Cayko is featured in print and video on, telling everyone about the great opportunities available to people who pursue the profession.

  • Teresa Martens outlines the week’s activities at her hospital in this article in the Fort Morgan, CO, Times. The facility was planning educational lectures and free alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency testing for the public.

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