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Good Press: AARC Members in the News

January 3, 2013

We’re starting the new year off with lots of great stories—

Megan Spurny
Megan Spurny

Karl Kaminski
Karl Kaminski

Danielle Foster
Danielle Foster

  • Chris Carfield is one of three RRTs at his hospital who recently completed training to become a Tobacco Treatment Specialist for a new tobacco cessation program targeting inpatients, outpatients, and the public, and he talks about the program in this article in the McCook, NE, Daily Gazette. “Evidence shows the most effective approach to tobacco cessation is a multi-channeled approach which includes nicotine replacement therapy and tobacco cessation counseling,” he was quoted as saying.
  • Megan Spurny is getting ready to lead a medical brigade to the Dominican Republic, where the team will deliver much needed basic health care to rural communities. Two of her RT students will accompany her on the trip, along with several other students from medical programs. The mission was covered in this article in the ArbiterOnline out of Boise, ID.
  • Michael Wyble is pictured along with students and other faculty members in this article on about his program’s recent pinning ceremony for the 2012 graduating class at Louisiana State University-Eunice.
  • Michigan Governor Rick Snyder comments on his appointment of Jeremy Bainbridge to the state’s Board of Respiratory Care in this article in the Cedar Springs Post. “Jeremy brings diverse experiences to this board and I am thankful for his willingness to serve the Great Lakes State in this role,” the governor was quoted as saying.
  • Karl Kaminski is pictured discussing a ventilator with his hospital’s vice president of development and executive director in this article in the Lumina News out of North Carolina. The article covered the potential effects of the fiscal cliff on both the nation and the local community, including Karl’s hospital, which was concerned that a proposal to cap itemized deductions could impact charitable contributions to the hospital foundation.
  • Danielle Foster comments on her participation in a new simulation contest called “SimWars” that’s aimed at bringing students from various health education programs together to diagnose and treat virtual patients. In one scenario, she was credited with coming up with the right lab test to diagnose the patient’s breathing problems. “In SimWars, it’s all on us, and we have to figure it out,” she was quoted as saying in this article and video on the University of Alabama at Birmingham website. “We were a team, and everybody had an active role.”
  • Amanda Townsend is pictured helping a sleep disordered breathing patient adapt to his equipment in this article in the Knoxville, TN, News about the growing demand for CPAP to treat sleep apnea. Respiratory therapists are specifically noted for the important role they play in the process.
  • Oscar Garcia’s son received a life-saving liver transplant three years ago and he and his parents had the chance to honor his donor by helping to put the finishing touches on a portrait of him set to be included on a special float during the Tournament of Roses Parade. You can see a picture of George and read more about his son in this article in the San Francisco, CA, Chronicle.
  • Steve Cosey is seeking the Republican nomination for county coroner in his community, and his candidacy was covered in this article in the York, PA, Daily Record. Current coroner Barry Bloss, Sr., who is retiring from the position, is endorsing Steve. “He knows the job, and he’s highly qualified and certified to move right in,” he was quoted as saying.
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