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Jencks Offers Insights On Readmissions

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December 23, 2013

With the implementation of healthcare reform that is currently before us, and other reforms forecasted for the future, it is vital that respiratory therapists seize the opportunities that are being created. Coordination of care and disease management for patients with chronic respiratory disorders are vital components to move our profession to the forefront as necessary care providers in this changing landscape.

At the recently concluded AARC 2013 Congress in Anaheim, Keynote Speaker Stephen Jencks MD MPH shared his groundbreaking research on readmissions and encouraged respiratory therapists to step up and be a part of the team contributing to excellent patient care across the continuum.

Dr. Jencks spoke about the role RTs can play in the new health care system. “Don’t give up the base of clinical expertise you have because it is needed. Examine what you’re doing and what you think you’re doing,” he emphasized. “You have an opportunity to do for your patients what you set out to do when you first began in the profession,” he said.