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AARC Congress 2013: The Excitement is Building!

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August 20, 2013

The 59th International Respiratory Convention & Exhibition is still a couple of months away—Nov. 16–19 in Anaheim, CA—but excitement is already building for what promises to be the most influential and informative meeting in the profession all year long. Take a look—

Pre-courses add value

Clearly, AARC Congress 2013 has everything you need to boost your career in respiratory care. But that’s not all that’s awaiting you in Anaheim. We’re also planning several pre-courses designed to add value (and CRCEs!) to the session for those who come in a day early.

Here’s what’s on the agenda for Friday, Nov. 15:

Patient Safety and the Respiratory Therapist: Acquire the knowledge you need to take on a leadership role in improving patient safety in your facility. This session will address patient safety in the era of health care reform; NIV-skin breakdown; sentinel events, critical incidents, and near misses; and the role of checklists in everyday practice.

Tobacco Intervention and Cessation Aids: Gain some insight into how tobacco use contributes to morbidity and mortality, the tobacco treatment guidelines out there today, and the tools available to help you build successful tobacco intervention and cessation programs for children through adults.

Respiratory Care and the Trauma Patient: Brush up on your understanding of the critically injured patient with topics that run the gamut from airway management of the trauma victim to shock resuscitation.

Preparing for a Pandemic: The Strategic National Stockpile Mechanical Ventilators: Don’t wait till disaster strikes. This course will bring you up-to-speed on everything from how these ventilators operate to how they are stored, maintained, and allocated.

Spread the excitement

As you can see, this year’s meeting has been designed to meet your expectations every day, every where, and every way! So register now and start planning your trip.

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