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15K “Likes” Winner Announced

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May 28, 2013

If you follow the AARC on Facebook you probably saw the little contest we ran recently to see who could come closest to guessing when we’d get our 15,000th “like.”

That happened on May 20, and long-time AARC member Rhonda Bland, RRT, came closest to guessing the right time. Rhonda won an $80 gift certificate to the AARC Store for coming out on top and wrote us to let us know what her AARC membership means to her.

“I have always had pride in being a member of the AARC,” says the RT at River Region Medical Center in Vicksburg, MS. “It plays a very important part in every respiratory therapist’s professionalism. All therapists should use the resources available. We as therapists need to stick together as a highly professional group.”

Our 15,000th “like” was made by Oklahoma RT Shirley Turner, who will receive a free AARC membership, and we’re also giving a free AARC Ethics Course to our 14,995th-14,999th and 15,001st-15,005th “likes” as well. Congratulations to:

Clint Daniels
Cassie Gorski
Raven Kidd
Janice Dunaway
Nichole Mitchell
Carly Zakrzewski
Jennifer Havard
Debe Ellen Allen
Lisa Y. Torres
Laura Cunningham (Fuemmeler)

Watch for more cool activities and special deals on our Facebook page–and if you haven’t “liked” us yet, do it today so you don’t miss out on the fun!