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New CRCE Transcript Clicks it
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May 7, 2013

A fresh look and new functionality of the AARC online CRCE transcript is now operational, giving you more flexibility and more information about your continuing education than ever before.


As a benefit of membership, all AARC members are provided with an online transcript of AARC-approved Continuing Respiratory Care Education (CRCE) programs. “As always,” says Shawna Strickland, PhD, RRT-NPS, FAARC, associate executive director of education, “your CRCE activities are all in one place.” But she said there are some new features of the transcript that will make it even more useful.

There is:

  1. Itemization of CRCE events with content categories (for courses that supplied that information)
  2. Itemization of CRCE events so that you can tell the difference between how many live events and how many nontraditional (online, independent study) events you've completed
  3. Tallies of content areas to help you remember how many specialty courses you need
  4. Printable format so that you can send it to your state licensing agency 
  5. Course numbers, content areas, dates, and titles so that you can enter the information into the NBRC continuing competency program

Any course that is approved for the AARC’s CRCE system will be noted on the transcript as long as the sponsor of that course supplies that information back to the AARC. “This transcript, then, is a very convenient tool to use in reporting your continuing education credits to your state licensing board,” says Strickland. All states mandating continuing education recognize CRCE-approved courses as fulfilling those state requirements.

"I love the updated AARC transcript!" says Tom Lamphere, RRT-ACCS, RPFT, FAARC. He says he likes the content category listing, in addition to the lecture title. "Now we can quickly see if we have completed an ethics course or one in patient safety, which are both requried in our state. This is an extremely valuable service that the AARC offers."

Using the CRCE Site

Members can access their transcript at any time, by logging in with their AARC member ID and password to the CRCE transcript site. Input a date range you’d like to review and your transcript will generate for that time period.

In addition to your transcript, the CRCE site also includes the ability for you to search for CRCE-approved courses in your state for a given date range. Also certificates for any examinations you have completed in AARC Examination Central prior to 2013 are available there.

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