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AARC Mourns C. Everett Koop

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February 26, 2013

AARC joins the rest of the country in mourning the loss of C. Everett Koop, Surgeon General of the U.S. in the 1980s.

AARC worked closely with Dr. Koop in 1983 as we fought to get better care for ventilator-dependent patients. Dr. Koop authored an article in AARC Times, based on a December 1983 workshop presentation he gave focused on ventilator-dependent children and adults. Additionally, Dr. Koop lent his support to a series of workshops that the AARC held on advancing care and reimbursement for ventilator patients.

“The problems faced by ventilator-dependent patients and their families can be staggering. They are among the most complex problems to appear within the environment of medicine,” said Dr. Koop in his article. “They require innovative, careful relationships between medicine and community social services.”

Koop also aggressively attacked tobacco use and the rate dropped from 33% to 26% of U.S. citizens during his tenure. AARC participated in a series of programs designed to make the United States a smoke free society by the year 2000.

“Dr. Koop was a strong supporter of the AARC, our profession, and especially our efforts to help consumers and patients alike, to quit smoking,” said Sam Giordano, past AARC Executive Director, who worked with Dr. Koop on many of thee projects.“His tireless efforts as a health care provider, and patient advocate, will be missed by all of us throughout the world. Dr. Koop helped put respiratory therapists on the healthcare roadmap, since he was the first Surgeon General of the United States to attend our annual meeting to challenge us to do more for our patients.”

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C Everett Koop
Dr. C. Everett Koop lent his support to programs AARC participated in and sponsored on home care for ventilator patients.